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Hearthstone Tracker

Automatically track and generate statistics for all your HearthStone games.

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More information, screenshots, downloads and news can be found on our main website:


  • Tracks statistics using image recognition (no memory/packet sniffing).
  • Track your and opponent heroes, wins, losses, decks, the coin, etc.
  • Can capture windowed & full-screen mode.
  • Manage your decks, name your decks and keep a history of old decks.
  • Take screenshots of your decks and arena decks.
  • Filter on date, hero, game-mode and deck and see a breakdown of stats.
  • Search games and arenas by text (e.g. class name / notes field / etc.)
  • Multi-server support (EU, NA, CN, etc.)
  • Low cpu & memory usage (avg. 2-4% / 170mb)
  • Very slick & intuitive interface.


For general questions and/or user support, visit our subreddit at HearthstoneTracker subreddit/r/hearthstonetracker

New feature suggestions can be submitted and voted on at

Please, use the github issue tracker ONLY for development (features, enhancements and bug tracking).


This is the main source-code repository of Hearthstone Tracker. Other related projects can be found on

Primary languages used are C# / XAML. Hearthstone Tracker is built using .NET 4.5 using Visual Studio 2015 Community.

Most 3rd party libraries are managed using NuGet. All other dependencies (except the NSIS installer binaries) are included in the repository. Make sure you have the latest version of NuGet installed!

The wiki contains some basic information on how to get started with the source:



The MIT License (MIT)