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A bash shell script to login Southeast DrCOM webgate authentication.
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A bash shell script to login Southeast University DrCOM webgate authentication.

1 Introduction

Since August 1st, 2019, Southeast University has deployed a new webgate authentication system from DrCOM. The new webgate authentication system provides only Web interface for users to login, logout and manage their accounts. Also, the web login is based on javascript, which is not supported in text-based web browsers(e.g. w3m).

However, no official solution for Linux server has been provided ever, which causes troubles for users logging into webgate on Linux server. Especially after mid-october, even the servers in server room are required to login webgate and charged 5 RMB every 10 GB.

SEULogin is a tiny tool written to help the users login with shell interface.

2 Usage

2.1 Login

It is super easy to use the script:

  1. Open the script with an editor you like;
  2. Fill in the username and password (replace <username> and <password>);
  3. Run with Bash (e.g. bash

You should see a response like dr1003({"result":"1","msg":"认证成功"}) in your shell.

2.2 Logout

You can just logout your account via user self-service system. No need for a script.

3 Notes

The IP address of your host may change after logout. You can use IPMailAlert to keep informed of your latest IP address.

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