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@dmdeklerk dmdeklerk released this Jul 12, 2019 · 2 commits to master since this release

Heatwallet 3.0.0

Includes Heatledger 3.0.0

Notable server changes

See Heatledger 3.0.0 server release notes

Notable changes in Heatwallet client:

  • Support storage of BTC messages in Local storage space.
  • Support BTC transfer using HEAT accountId
  • Support for IOTA wallet
  • Support for ARDR wallet
  • Use company node for querying BTC, NXT, ARDR
  • Failover for BTC to use
  • Import specific currency wallet only on wallet screen
  • Added Internet Address registration UI to support Masternode feature
  • Added support for new transactions types - Internet Address registration, Atomic Multi Transfer
  • Configurable URL of signaling server - ability to use separate (own, private) network of p2p messaging clients
  • Tiny fixes of user interface
  • Fixed failover behavior - switching between servers requires stricter conditions, which reduces the number of switchings
  • Fixed p2p messaging behavior on account switching on the Wallet page
  • Fixed behavior and application state on account switching on the Wallet page
  • Disallowed new account creation without pin code
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