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# Be sure to run `pod lib lint HWPanModal.podspec' to ensure this is a
# valid spec before submitting.
# Any lines starting with a # are optional, but their use is encouraged
# To learn more about a Podspec see
# do |s| = 'HWPanModal'
s.version = ''
s.summary = 'HWPanModal is used to present controller and drag to dismiss.'
# This description is used to generate tags and improve search results.
# * Think: What does it do? Why did you write it? What is the focus?
# * Try to keep it short, snappy and to the point.
# * Write the description between the DESC delimiters below.
# * Finally, don't worry about the indent, CocoaPods strips it!
s.description = <<-DESC
HWPanModal presents controller from bottom and drag to dismiss, high customize.
s.homepage = ''
s.license = { :type => 'MIT'} = { 'heathwang' => '' }
s.source = { :git => '', :tag => s.version.to_s }
s.ios.deployment_target = '8.0'
s.source_files = ['HWPanModal/Classes/Layout/**/*', 'HWPanModal/Classes/Animator/**/*', 'HWPanModal/Classes/Controller/**/*',
'HWPanModal/Classes/Delegate/**/*', 'HWPanModal/Classes/Presentable/**/*', 'HWPanModal/Classes/Presenter/**/*',
'HWPanModal/Classes/View/**/*', 'HWPanModal/Classes/HWPanModal.h']
s.public_header_files = ['HWPanModal/Classes/HWPanModal.h', 'HWPanModal/Classes/Presentable/HWPanModalPresentable.h', 'HWPanModal/Classes/Presentable/HWPanModalHeight.h',
'HWPanModal/Classes/Presentable/UIViewController+PanModalDefault.h', 'HWPanModal/Classes/Presenter/UIViewController+PanModalPresenter.h', 'HWPanModal/Classes/Presenter/HWPanModalPresenterProtocol.h',
'HWPanModal/Classes/Presentable/UIViewController+Presentation.h', 'HWPanModal/Classes/Animator/HWPresentingVCAnimatedTransitioning.h']
s.dependency 'KVOController'
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