Finnish Game Jam 2018 - Laborinth
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Finnish Game Jam 2018 - Laborinth

The original game submission can be found at
The credits of that game are as follows

Jeremias Berg

Christoffer Fridlund; Network & Client Logic
Adelina Lintuluoto; Level Loading
Tom Olander; Player Movement & Trap Logic
Paul Vuorela; Music & SoundFX
Jeremias Berg; Git Conflicts

Paul Vuorela; Music & SoundFX
Dan Lindholm; Music & SoundFX

Mattias Lassheikki; 3D Modelling & LVL Design
Meri Sillanpää; 3D Textures
Christina Lassheikki; 2D Textures & UI Art
Göran Maconi; 3D Modelling

The game in this repository is a slightly improved version of the original game jam submission. This version loads and runs better than the jam submission and includes some more assets that were cut from the jam submission due to time constraints.

The refactoring and code improvements have mainly been done by Jeremias, Christoffer and Adelina.

No rats where harmed during the production of this game