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The Heavy Engine 3D Framework
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Heavy Engine 3D

This is the int13h Heavy Engine 3D framework, it's probably not for the faint hearted amoung you it has many quirks and probably doesn't make complete sense to use, its more of a codebase we build while learning how to build a WebGL/Canvas/HTML5 framework.

You are more than welcome to have a crack at using it ofcourse, there isn't really any documentation for it at the moment, that may change over time. Though looking at a project that uses it should make it even less obvious how it works. We'll get around to that at some point =P


  • F1 - Toggle Texture Viewer.
  • PAUSE - Toggle Pause of mainLoop().
  • ~ or ` - Toggle Console.

Console Commands:

  • clearcmdhistory - Clears all stored command history for the console.
  • r_drawfps [0|1|2] - Show Frame information on the hud.
  • r_faviconfps [1|0] - Toggles display of engine FPS in the favicon.
  • r_fxaa [1|0] - Toggles Fast approXimate Anti-Aliasing in Post Processing.
  • s_list - List Sounds.
  • s_volume [0...1] -Set Mixer Master Volume (range 0.0 to 1.0).
  • t_list - List Textures.
  • t_viewer [id] - Texture viewer (optionally [id] to view texture by id).

Texture Viewer Controls:

  • Left/Right Arrow to scroll through available textures.
  • ESC to disable.
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