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Hebi C++ Examples

This repo contains examples for the HEBI Robotics C++ API.

Note that many of these programs contains hardcoded module family/name values, and these values should be modified to match the modules available on your network.

Downloading Dependencies

If cloning the repo directly, you will need to download the C++ API to build the examples and place it in a folder called hebi-cpp. If you use the CMake project, it will automatically be downloaded, assuming you have a working internet connection.

Getting Started

The 'projects' folder contains sample project files for different IDEs/build systems.

Currently, the only supported build systems are CMake and Visual Studio (Makefile and XCode support will be added soon).

Visual Studio

Open the projects/visual_studio/basic_examples.sln file in Visual Studio. VS 2017 has been tested, but earlier versions are expected to work as well. (Note that a VS project for the advanced examples is coming soon!)

To run an example:

  • Right click on the desired example project in the solution explorer, and click "Set as StartUp Project",
  • Select the desired configuration (Debug/Release and x64/Win32) from the top toolbar.
  • Click the run button (green triangle, beside the configuration selection buttons) to run the program.

Note that as these are console applications with no pause at the end, you may wish to add a breakpoint before the program returns to have a chance to inspect the console output.


To get started with CMake, you must first install CMake. After doing so, you can run cmake to create the project files for your desired platform. For example, on 64 bit Linux, from the root directory, you can run

mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DARCH=x86_64 ../projects/cmake/

If CMake is configured to create a Makefile project (the default for Linux), you can then run


to compile the examples.

Directory Layout

  • hebi The C++ API and C binaries are stored in this directory (if cloning the repo directly, note that this directory is created by the download depends script.
  • basic A set of numbered basic examples that walk through the core concepts of the API. This code is the best place to start if you are new (note that to easily build the examples, use the project files in projects.
  • advanced A set of more involved examples that go through various topics.
  • projects The directory where IDE and build system files are found.
  • scripts Helper scripts for downloading the API and releasing the example package; this directory only exists in the directly cloned repo.