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Examples for the HEBI Robotics API for MATLAB
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This repository contains examples to go with the online documentation that help to get started with the HEBI Robotics APIs for MATLAB.


All examples in this repository require the HEBI Robotics API for MATLAB in order to run. The API is included in this repository. You can set it up using any of the startup.m scripts in the various example directories.

Basic Examples

This folder contains examples that help you get started with the HEBI Robotics APIs for MATLAB. There are separate examples for each of our different products.

  • X-Series Actuator

  • I/O Board

  • Mobile I/O

The examples provided in each product work progressively through the following concepts:

  • Lookup / Groups

  • Feedback

  • Commands

  • Gains

  • Trajectories

  • Kinematics

  • Example - Robot Arm

These API features and concepts are documented in more detail at:


This folder contains example code for various preconfigured kits. Additional documentation is available in the corresponding kit directories.

Kit Comment
  • A variety of arm configurations, from 4-DoF to 6-DoF.

  • A 6-legged, 18-DoF, legged mobile robot

  • A 2-wheel, 2-arm, dynamic balancing mobile robot

  • An 2-arm omni-drive mobile robot

  • A 6-DoF mobile manipulator that includes a gripper

Advanced Examples

This folder contains examples that show less commonly used concepts.

File Topics
  • implementing custom P / PID controllers using direct PWM strategy

  • connecting multiple MATLAB instances

  • position step inputs from a second instance


The demos folder contains the source code for some of our YouTube videos as well as common demos.

Video / Demo Source Code

Hackathon (Japan Oct, 2017)

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