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daverolli Arm kit updates (#73)
A whole mess of changes to the arm kit.  Main updates are now using gains XML files for all arms and using HRDF for all the kinematics.  Also did a rework of the examples based on new tools like the Mobile I/O app and trying to make things easier to extend for specific applications, like the `ex_teach_repeat` examples.

* Changed 'hexapod' to 'daisy'

* Updated startup script

* Re-orged gains in arm kit.

* Added logging to Mobile I/O example

* 3 tabs to 2 tabs

* Initial commit of scanning arm.

* Added scanning demo

* Added some bells and whistles

Use the mobile app to start / jog / pause.

* Update to use Mobile Device API

Took out the code that hacked ARKit feedback onto alternate channels before the proper API was in place.  Changed demo to run without assuming a gripper.

* Readable name for scan speed

* Added startup.m

* Added gains comments

* Refactored trajectory execution

Also added impedance control on top of the position/velocity control.

* Updated gains / fixed hard-coded tip orientation

* Added examples of plotting end-effector tracking and error

* Modified .gitignore to allow another example log.

* Tweaks based on getting the new arm setup.

* Tweaks based on new contact probe arm.

* More improvements to scanArm demo

Changed to Panametrics PC probe.  Consolidated all the system variables and now pass them into `executeTrajectory`.

* Prep for putting on control case

Made demo loop indefinitely.  Added startup wrapper and copied over the startup script from Rosie.

* Added startup scripts.

Made them generic for any robot demo (hopefully)

* Added handling of E-Stop

* Fixed jitters when tablet/phone controller drops out.

* Changed 'phone' to 'mobile device' in print statements.

* Fixed timeouts during IO reset

* Rotated base frame.

Rotated to match the scanner coordinates.  Changed raster to be in y-axis so that the arm still moved in and out.

* Create README.md

* Update README.md

* Update README.md

* Update README.md

* Update README.md

* Added ignore exception for example hebilog file.

* Added HRDF for 3_DoF Arm

* Added IK edge cases.

* Updated ex_teach_repeat.m to use non-blocking API.

* Fixed bug in waypoint playback.

* One more time, with feeling.

* Added HRDF files for kits.

* Added gains XML files.

* Updates to setupArm.m to use HRDF and XML files.

* Added .m~ to .gitignore

* Rename arm_kinematics_analysis.m to kinematics_analysis.m

* Update kinematics_analysis.m

* Update and rename ex_kinematics_analysis.m to ex_log_kinematics_analysis.m

* Rename ex_log_kinematics_analysis.m to ex_kinematics_log_analysis.m

* Renamed gravity compensation and impedance control examples.

* Updated ex_mobile_device_control.

Added support for gripper.  Changed home position to work with gas spring.

* Fixed gains typos.  Filled in gripper spool gains.

* Update kits/arms/kinematics_analysis.m

* Updated setupArm.m

Added flag for gripper.  Loads gains for gripper.  Fixed typos with `effortOffset` sizing.

* Updates to ex_teach_repeat.m

Made instructions printed to the screen more clear.  Added pause before playback.  Added loading of default waypoints.  Added kinematics plotting at the end.

* Added deadzones to effort gains, based on arm tuning.

* Removed target chase examples.

* Properly scaled grip force.

* Cleaned up / fixed gravity compensation and visualization examples.

* Moved waypoints to their own folder

* Specified local folder paths in all examples.

* Updated header information

* Updated header info on various demos

* Updated ex_teach_repeat_w_gripper and fixed typo in name.

* Initial working version of impedance control demo.

This one is kinda fun.

* Made sure gains set in setupArm.m

* Updated impedance gains and descriptions

* Update README.adoc

* Revert "Update README.adoc"

This reverts commit 8bdccc6.

* Updates based on comments on the pull-request #73.

* Added some velocity analysis to kinematics_analysis.m

* Fixed typo in install.sh
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