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Repository of scripts for extending Hedge on the Mac.

Use at your own discretion. Don’t be foolish, test before using a script in production. Scripting is a very powerful feature, it can be potentially destructive. Do not use it unless you really know what you can and can't do with scripts. The Sync Factory, creator of Hedge, does not assume responsibility for problems with or due to these scripts. The Sync Factory reserves the right not to offer support for these scripts.

Hedge defines 5 events:

  • DiskAdded
  • DiskBusy
  • FileCopyCompleted
  • DiskIdle
  • DiskRemoved

Each event has its own set of unique parameters that you can use.

Folders and Files in AppleScript

We're used to seeing paths delimited like URLs, with /. In Applescript though, paths are delimited with the colon (:) which is called POSIX. Hedge outputs URLs, so you'll need to convert to POSIX. Luckily, that's easy to do:

property theFolder : "{destinationPath}"

tell application "Finder" open (theFolder as POSIX file) end tell

If you want to refer to your home folder, you can't just use ~. Instead, you need to insert the home folder path like this:

tell application "Finder" open (POSIX path of (path to home folder)) as POSIX path end tell


  • Timestamps are shown as YYYYMMDDHHMMSS
  • Duration is in seconds, with six digit precision
  • Size is in bytes. To convert bytes to GBs divide by 1024^3.


We added an extra layer of security: paths are event-specific, and include the event name. This way you can’t accidentally use your “Erase Source”-script to erase a Destination.


Fires when a new disk is mounted. Pretty self-explanatory.

DiskAdded_title Disk A DiskAdded_rootFilePath /Volumes/Disk A DiskAdded_diskSize 249779191801 DiskAdded_availableDiskSpace 61058125824 DiskAdded_protocolName USB DiskAdded_mountedAt 20161125113059

Other bus protocolNames include Firewire, Secure Digital, iSCSI, SAS, afpfs, nfs, PCI, SATA and more. Disks connected through a USB hub all show up as USB drives, so you can't discern between true USB disks or Compact Flash media. A way around this is to check for diskSize.


Fires when a transfer starts. A disk is either being imported, or being imported to. When Disk A is imported to Disk B and Disk C, three DiskBusy events fire.

DiskBusy_diskType Source or Destination DiskBusy_rootFilePath /Volumes/Disk A DiskBusy_title Disk A


Fires when a single transfer is done, e.g. Disk A has been copied to Disk B. The transfer to Disk C might still be running!

FileCopyCompleted_sourcePath /Volumes/Disk A FileCopyCompleted_destinationPath /Users/Hedge/Documents/Footage/Project-001 FileCopyCompleted_bytesCopied 16582836224 FileCopyCompleted_duration 693.357678 FileCopyCompleted_startedAt 20160129144109 FileCopyCompleted_verified YES or NO FileCopyCompleted_state Success

There are four possible states when a transfer finishes:

  • Success: all went well
  • Failed: a file transfer failed
  • Warnings: verification of a copied file failed
  • Cancelled: the transfer was cancelled by the user


Fires when a disk is done with whatever job it was doing.

DiskIdle_title Disk A DiskIdle_diskType Source or Destination DiskIdle_hasFailedTransfers YES or NO DiskIdle_rootFilePath /Volumes/Disk A


Fires when a disk is removed from the system. Maybe it was ejected in Hedge, or in Finder, or simply removed manually.

DiskRemoved_title Disk A DiskRemoved_rootFilePath /Volumes/Disk A DiskRemoved_unmountedAt 20160129144109

Questions? You can always reach us at or @hedgeforvideo on Twitter.


AppleScripts for Hedge on the Mac




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