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Hedgehog Development

Azure Deploy Templates


The files in this repository are used to deploy Launch Sitecore to an Azure XP environment using Sitecore 8.2 Update 3. I would like to thank Rob Habraken for his excellent articles, samples and tools for Sitecore Azure Deployments. His articles were a big help building these scripts.

Launch Sitecore in an Azure XP cloud deployment

The Launch Sitecore site is a good starting point for testing Sitecore deployments. It is a fairly simple site that demonstrates many different sitecore features. This makes it ideal for a test environment.

In these posts, we document the steps taken to deploy Launch Sitecore into the Sitecore Azure XP Environment. We will also show an example of how to setup the CD using Blue/Green code deployments.

The Blog Posts

  1. Azure Sitecore Deployment: Setting Up the Solution and VSO Build
  2. Preparing the Default Scripts and Packages
  3. Adding Custom Modules
  4. Adding Project's Code and Items to the Azure Deployment
  5. Deploying to a Slot
  6. Configuring Blue-Green Deployments