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// Mesh.h: interface for the CMesh class.
// Copyright (c) 2009, Dan Heeks
// This program is released under the BSD license. See the file COPYING for details.
#pragma once
#include "interface/HeeksColor.h"
#include "interface/HeeksObj.h"
#include "HeeksArtTypes.h"
#include "MeshVertex.h"
#include "MeshEdge.h"
#include "MeshFace.h"
#define EDGE_MAP_IT std::map< const CMeshVertex*, std::map<const CMeshVertex*, CMeshEdge*> >::iterator
class CMesh : public HeeksObj
std::map<CMeshPosition, CMeshVertex*> m_vertices;
std::set<CMeshEdge*> m_edges;// edges live here
std::set<CMeshFace*> m_faces;
std::map< const CMeshVertex*, std::map<const CMeshVertex*, CMeshEdge*> > m_edge_map;// for finding edges
CMeshVertex* AddVertex(const Point &v);
CMeshEdge* AddEdge(CMeshVertex* v1, CMeshVertex* v2, const CMeshPosition& c1, const CMeshPosition& c2, CMeshFace* face, bool *second_face = NULL);
void DeleteVertices();
void DeleteEdges();
void DeleteFaces();
void render_elements(bool select, bool selected, bool no_colour);
void set_initial();
bool RemoveGivenEdge(CMeshEdge* edge);
static bool m_display_vertices;
static bool m_display_edges;
static bool m_display_faces;
CMesh(const CMesh &m);
virtual ~CMesh();
const CMesh& operator=(const CMesh &m);
// HeeksObj's virtual functions
int GetType()const{return MeshType;}
void glCommands(bool select, bool marked, bool no_color);
void GetBox(CBox &box);
const wxChar* GetTypeString(void)const{return _("Mesh");}
long GetMarkingMask()const{return MARKING_FILTER_UNKNOWN;} // can be selected
HeeksObj *MakeACopy(void)const;
const wxBitmap &GetIcon();
void ModifyByMatrix(const double *mat);
void GetTools(std::list<Tool*>* t_list, const wxPoint* p);
bool Stretch(const double *p, const double* shift, void* data);
void Remove(HeeksObj* object);
void KillGLLists(void);
void WriteXML(TiXmlNode *root);
void SetClickMarkPoint(MarkedObject* marked_object, const double* ray_start, const double* ray_direction);
static HeeksObj* ReadFromXMLElement(TiXmlElement* pElem);
// member functions
CMeshFace* AddTriangle(const Point& a, const Point& b, const Point& c, const Point& ab, const Point& ba, const Point& bc, const Point& cb, const Point& ca, const Point& ac, const Point& centre);
void DestroyChildDisplayLists();
void KillGLListss();
void MakeSureDisplayListsExists();
void GetPropertiesString(char *buffer);
void ChangeVertex(CMeshVertex* v, const Point& vt);
HeeksObj* ConvertToTriangles();
CMeshVertex* FindVertex(const Point &v);
CMeshEdge* FindEdge(CMeshVertex* v1, CMeshVertex* v2, EDGE_MAP_IT* FindIt1 = NULL, EDGE_MAP_IT* FindIt2 = NULL);
void NormalizeAllVertices();
bool SetAllVertexNormals();
void RecalculateFaceCentres();
void Mirror(double tolerance);