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Support very low max_allowed_packet setting in TMySQLConnection.MaxAl…

…lowedPacket, so it has to be >10K only, for not assuming 1M for SQL exports. See
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ansgarbecker committed Dec 1, 2019
1 parent dd8bacf commit 097a902e3ca3d263c23a399df46584152ca5aff1
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@@ -4268,7 +4268,7 @@ function TDBConnection.GetSessionVariable(VarName: String; DefaultValue: String=
function TMySQLConnection.MaxAllowedPacket: Int64;
Result := MakeInt(GetSessionVariable('max_allowed_packet'));
if Result < SIZE_MB then begin
if Result < SIZE_KB*10 then begin
Result := SIZE_MB;
Log(lcError, f_('The server did not return a non-zero value for the %s variable. Assuming %s now.', ['max_allowed_packet', FormatByteNumber(Result)]));

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