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Only MariaDB 10.2.27+ seems to support more expressions in column def…

…ault value, and wraps string literals in single quotes. Use that to verify default value is not an expression. Fixes unquoted default values, described here:
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ansgarbecker committed Mar 3, 2020
1 parent f6c7c0a commit 43aec429c2fda09f787980231b5a1af1f1579971
Showing with 25 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +25 −6 source/dbconnection.pas
@@ -4599,6 +4599,26 @@ function TDBConnection.GetTableColumns(Table: TDBObject): TTableColumnList;
ColQuery: TDBQuery;
Col: TTableColumn;
dt, SchemaClause, DefText, ExtraText, MaxLen: String;

function IsTextDefault(Value: String; Tp: TDBDatatype): Boolean;
if FParameters.IsMariaDB then begin
// Only MariaDB 10.2.27+ wraps default text in single quotes
// see
Result := (ServerVersionInt >= 100207) and Value.StartsWith('''');
Result := Result or Value.IsEmpty or IsInt(DefText[1]); // Inexact detection, wrong if MySQL allows 0+1 as default value at some point
end else if FParameters.IsMySQL then begin
// Only MySQL case with expression in default value is as follows:
if (Tp.Category = dtcTemporal) and Value.StartsWith('CURRENT_TIMESTAMP') then begin
Result := False;
end else begin
Result := True;
end else begin
// MS SQL, PG and SQLite:
Result := True;
// Generic: query table columns from IS.COLUMNS
Result := TTableColumnList.Create(True);
@@ -4671,13 +4691,12 @@ function TDBConnection.GetTableColumns(Table: TDBObject): TTableColumnList;
Col.DefaultType := cdtNull
Col.DefaultType := cdtNothing;
end else if DefText.StartsWith('''') then begin
Col.DefaultType := cdtText;
Col.DefaultText := ExtractLiteral(DefText, '');
end else if DefText.IsEmpty or IsInt(DefText[1]) then begin
// Inexact detection, wrong if MySQL allows 0+1 as default value at some point
end else if IsTextDefault(DefText, Col.DataType) then begin
Col.DefaultType := cdtText;
Col.DefaultText := DefText;
if DefText.StartsWith('''') then
Col.DefaultText := ExtractLiteral(DefText, '')
Col.DefaultText := DefText;
end else begin
Col.DefaultType := cdtExpression;
Col.DefaultText := DefText;

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