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Issue #548: Revert a line from 651b485 which lead to loading entire B…

…LOB contents into the grid, instead of the first 256 bytes only.
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ansgarbecker committed Mar 2, 2019
1 parent 107a933 commit 548553e3662ae8cba93bf1b0afdb98d64fb85319
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@@ -4991,7 +4991,6 @@ procedure TMainForm.DataGridBeforePaint(Sender: TBaseVirtualTree; TargetCanvas:
and (KeyCols.Count > 0) // We need a sufficient key to be able to load remaining row data
and (c.DataType.LoadPart)
and (not IsKeyColumn) // We need full length of any key column, so DataGridLoadFullRow() has the chance to fetch the right row
and ((not DBObj.Connection.Parameters.IsMySQL) or (not (Ord(c.DataType.Category) = Ord(dtcBinary))))
and ((ColLen > GRIDMAXDATA) or (ColLen = 0)) // No need to blow SQL with LEFT() if column is shorter anyway
then begin
case DBObj.Connection.Parameters.NetTypeGroup of

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