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Fix some suspicious places which can cause exceptions when data tab i…

…s open and current connection is being closed. Probably closes #615.
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ansgarbecker committed Jun 24, 2019
1 parent a6ea858 commit 5670ba50fdee7f342f505165302c646288ea12cf
Showing with 18 additions and 10 deletions.
  1. +18 −10 source/main.pas
@@ -2354,10 +2354,16 @@ procedure TMainForm.ConnectionsNotify(Sender: TObject; const Item: TDBConnection
// Connection removed or added
case Action of
cnRemoved, cnExtracted: begin
// Post pending UPDATE
// Post pending UPDATE and release current table with result
Results := GridResult(DataGrid);
if Assigned(Results) and Results.Modified then
if Assigned(Results) then begin
if Results.Modified then
if DataGridResult = Results then begin
DataGridTable := nil;

// Remove result sets which may cause AVs when disconnected
for Tab in QueryTabs do begin
@@ -2653,6 +2659,7 @@ function TMainForm.HandleUnixTimestampColumn(Sender: TBaseVirtualTree; Column: T
// Shorthand for various places where we would normally have to add all these conditions
Result := (Sender = DataGrid)
and (Column > NoColumn)
and (DataGridResult <> nil)
and (DataGridResult.DataType(Column).Category in [dtcInteger, dtcReal])
and (SelectedTableTimestampColumns.IndexOf(DataGrid.Header.Columns[Column].Text) > -1);
@@ -5681,7 +5688,7 @@ procedure TMainForm.ValidateControls(Sender: TObject);
EnableTimestamp := False;
if HasConnection and Assigned(Grid) then begin
Results := GridResult(Grid);
if Assigned(Grid.FocusedNode) then begin
if (Results<>nil) and Assigned(Grid.FocusedNode) then begin
RowNum := Grid.GetNodeData(Grid.FocusedNode);
Results.RecNo := RowNum^;
GridHasChanges := Results.Modified or Results.Inserted;
@@ -8445,7 +8452,7 @@ procedure TMainForm.DBtreeFocusChanged(Sender: TBaseVirtualTree; Node: PVirtualN
LogSQL('DBtreeFocusChanged, Node level: '+IntToStr(Sender.GetNodeLevel(Node))+', FTreeRefreshInProgress: '+IntToStr(Integer(FTreeRefreshInProgress)), lcDebug);

// Post pending UPDATE
if Assigned(DataGridResult) and DataGridResult.Modified then
if (DataGridResult<>nil) and DataGridResult.Modified then

DBObj := Sender.GetNodeData(Node);
@@ -9671,8 +9678,8 @@ procedure TMainForm.HandleDataGridAttributes(RefreshingData: Boolean);
if not Assigned(DataGridFocusedCell) then
DataGridFocusedCell := TStringList.Create;
// Remember focused node and column for selected table
if Assigned(DataGrid.FocusedNode) then begin
KeyName := ActiveConnection.QuoteIdent(DataGridTable.Database)+'.'+ActiveConnection.QuoteIdent(DataGridTable.Name);
if Assigned(DataGrid.FocusedNode) and (ActiveConnection<>nil) and Assigned(DataGridTable) then begin
KeyName := DataGridTable.QuotedDatabase+'.'+DataGridTable.QuotedName;
FocusedCol := '';
if DataGrid.FocusedColumn > NoColumn then
FocusedCol := DataGrid.Header.Columns[DataGrid.FocusedColumn].Text;
@@ -11161,9 +11168,10 @@ function TMainForm.GridResult(Grid: TBaseVirtualTree): TDBQuery;
// All grids (data- and query-grids, also host subtabs) are placed directly on a TTabSheet
Result := nil;
if Grid = DataGrid then
Result := DataGridResult
else if Assigned(Grid) then begin
if Grid = DataGrid then begin
if DataGridResult<>nil then
Result := DataGridResult;
end else if Assigned(Grid) then begin
CurrentTab := Grid.Parent as TTabSheet;
if CurrentTab.Parent = PageControlHost then
Result := FHostListResults[CurrentTab.PageIndex]

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