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Do not set DataTypeCompatibility=80 in ADO connection string with old…

… SQLOLEDB driver. Probably solves some connection issues, see
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ansgarbecker committed Jan 3, 2020
1 parent c9d3d3c commit 7c1b0c4f03277d6a1eca0642761fe159eab20c1f
Showing with 7 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +7 −3 source/dbconnection.pas
@@ -2140,11 +2140,15 @@ procedure TAdoDBConnection.SetActive(Value: Boolean);
'User ID='+Parameters.Username+';'+
'Network Library='+NetLib+';'+
'Data Source='+DataSource+';'+
'Application Name='+AppName+';'+
'Application Name='+AppName+';'
if Parameters.LibraryOrProvider = 'MSOLEDBSQL' then begin
// Issue #423: MSOLEDBSQL compatibility with new column types
// See
// Do not use with old driver, see
FAdoHandle.ConnectionString := FAdoHandle.ConnectionString +

// Pass Database setting to connection string. Required on MS Azure?
if (not Parameters.AllDatabasesStr.IsEmpty) and (Pos(';', Parameters.AllDatabasesStr)=0) then

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