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#394: fix setting focus on filter panel when activating it

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ansgarbecker committed Nov 28, 2018
1 parent 6d4d4e0 commit 82254afe45b4c8ddab9b127a8b27edbfd825eebf
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@@ -10878,15 +10878,13 @@ function TMainForm.ConfirmTabClear(PageIndex: Integer): Boolean;
procedure TMainForm.actFilterPanelExecute(Sender: TObject);
MakeVisible: Boolean;
// (De-)activate or focus filter panel
if Sender <> actFilterPanel then
actFilterPanel.Checked := not actFilterPanel.Checked;
pnlFilterVT.Visible := actFilterPanel.Checked;
// On startup, we cannot SetFocus, throws exceptons. Call with nil in that special case - see FormCreate
if Assigned(Sender) and MakeVisible and editFilterVT.CanFocus then
if pnlFilterVT.Visible and editFilterVT.CanFocus and (Sender <> nil) then

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