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Fix selection of SQL color presets, when preset names were translated…

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ansgarbecker committed Feb 2, 2019
1 parent 4585b3c commit 8a05bcb144cd6faf9e6939bf22af689c9ad1fe55
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@@ -839,15 +839,24 @@ procedure Toptionsform.comboEditorColorsPresetChange(Sender: TObject);
i, j: Integer;
Highlighter: TSynSQLSyn;
FoundHighlighter: Boolean;
rx: TRegExpr;
TranslatedHighlighterName: String;
// Color preset selected
FoundHighlighter := False;
rx := TRegExpr.Create;
rx.Expression := '.+_([a-zA-Z0-9]+)$';
for i:=0 to ComponentCount-1 do begin
if (Components[i] is TSynSQLSyn)
and (Components[i] <> SynMemoSQLSample.Highlighter)
then begin
if (Components[i] is TSynSQLSyn) and (Components[i] <> SynMemoSQLSample.Highlighter) then begin
Highlighter := Components[i] as TSynSQLSyn;
if SynRegExpr.ExecRegExpr('[a-zA-Z]+_'+comboEditorColorsPreset.Text, Highlighter.Name) then begin

// Translate highlighter postfix after last underscore ...
TranslatedHighlighterName := '';
if rx.Exec(Highlighter.Name) then begin
TranslatedHighlighterName := _(rx.Match[1]);
// ... so we can compare that with the selected dropdown text
if TranslatedHighlighterName = comboEditorColorsPreset.Text then begin
FoundHighlighter := True;
for j:=0 to SynSQLSynSQLSample.AttrCount - 1 do begin

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