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Added batch for res files building and readme updated

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G3ph4z authored and ansgarbecker committed Feb 26, 2018
1 parent 424b9f9 commit 8ca9ab5c63eb453bd04641b0363f26a58bb01ba8
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@@ -0,0 +1,5 @@
brcc32 res\version.rc
cgrc res\icon.rc
brcc32 res\icon-question.rc
brcc32 res\manifest.rc
brcc32 -fores\updater.res res\updater32.rc
@@ -8,6 +8,6 @@ Delphi XE5 is required for building HeidiSQL. Older Delphi versions will most li
of the other free compilers cannot currently compile HeidiSQL.
Once Delphi XE5 is installed, you need to load the SynEdit project from the components folder. Build both run-time and design-time packages. Install the
design-time package. Do the same for the VirtualTree component project.
design-time package. Do the same for the VirtualTree component project, and install madExcept4.
Afterwards, load the HeidiSQL project from the packages folder.

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CodehunterWorks commented on 8ca9ab5 Feb 27, 2018

Good advice regarding madExcept4! Cause I was puzzling which version might be meant.

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