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Use exact text data types instead of their whole category for detecti…

…ng special binary columns. Fixes unquoted JSON content in SQL exports. See
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ansgarbecker committed Jul 19, 2016
1 parent 064d4e2 commit c23015613ae4c7c167a3006363300f17c1da46ed
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@@ -5427,7 +5427,7 @@ procedure TMySQLQuery.Execute(AddResult: Boolean=False; UseRawResult: Integer=-1
IsBinary := (Field.charsetnr = COLLATION_BINARY) and (Field.org_table <> '')
IsBinary := (Field.flags and BINARY_FLAG) = BINARY_FLAG;
if IsBinary and (FConnection.Datatypes[j].Category = dtcText) then
if IsBinary and (FConnection.Datatypes[j].Index in [dtTinytext..dtLongtext]) then
FColumnTypes[i] := FConnection.Datatypes[j];

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