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Restore functionality of home and end key in data grid, like it was b…

…efore recent VirtualTree update. Closes #453.
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ansgarbecker committed Dec 23, 2018
1 parent 0f700d1 commit c46d194a07138755ec07574628d6da914b8bf026
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@@ -8940,11 +8940,21 @@ procedure TMainForm.AnyGridKeyDown(Sender: TObject; var Key: Word; Shift: TShift
g := TVirtualStringTree(Sender);
case Key of
VK_HOME: g.FocusedColumn := g.Header.Columns.GetFirstVisibleColumn(False);
VK_HOME: begin
g.FocusedColumn := g.Header.Columns.GetFirstVisibleColumn(False);
if (ssCtrl in Shift) and (g = DataGrid) then begin
// VT itself focuses the first node since v7.0
end else
Key := 0;
VK_END: begin
if (ssCtrl in Shift) and (g = DataGrid) then
g.FocusedColumn := g.Header.Columns.GetLastVisibleColumn(False);
if (ssCtrl in Shift) and (g = DataGrid) then begin
g.FocusedColumn := g.Header.Columns.Count-1;
// VT itself focuses the last node since v7.0
end else begin
Key := 0;
VK_RETURN: if Assigned(g.FocusedNode) then g.EditNode(g.FocusedNode, g.FocusedColumn);
VK_DOWN: if g.FocusedNode = g.GetLast then actDataInsertExecute(Sender);

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