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Issue #88: consistently use DBObject.CreateCode also for trigger expo…

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ansgarbecker committed Nov 13, 2019
1 parent 7b99bcc commit ed5a4ace8834acb8c69ea172db18cb9b40fd04c0
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@@ -1601,8 +1601,7 @@ procedure TfrmTableTools.DoExport(DBObj: TDBObject);

lntTrigger: begin
StrucResult := DBObj.Connection.GetResults('SHOW TRIGGERS FROM '+DBObj.QuotedDatabase+' WHERE `Trigger`='+esc(DBObj.Name));
Struc := 'CREATE '+UpperCase(DBObj.ObjType)+' '+Quoter.QuoteIdent(DBObj.Name)+' '+StrucResult.Col('Timing')+' '+StrucResult.Col('Event')+
' ON '+Quoter.QuoteIdent(StrucResult.Col('Table'))+' FOR EACH ROW '+StrucResult.Col('Statement');
Struc := DBObj.CreateCode;
if ToDb then
Insert(Quoter.QuoteIdent(FinalDbName)+'.', Struc, Pos('TRIGGER', Struc) + 8 );
if ToFile or ToClipboard or ToDir then begin

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