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Check if (old) grid result is in a valid state before checking for an…

… url. Closes #759
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ansgarbecker committed Oct 1, 2019
1 parent f88e521 commit fd03a11bdf07042c1013bcc78567fc3de2de827f
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@@ -5789,6 +5789,7 @@ procedure TMainForm.ValidateControls(Sender: TObject);
actGridEditFunction.Enabled := HasConnection and inDataOrQueryTabNotEmpty and Assigned(Grid.FocusedNode);
actDataPreview.Enabled := HasConnection and inDataOrQueryTabNotEmpty and Assigned(Grid.FocusedNode);
actDataOpenUrl.Enabled := HasConnection and inDataOrQueryTabNotEmpty and Assigned(Grid.FocusedNode)
and (Results <> nil) // see issue #759
and ExecRegExpr('^https?://[^\s]+$', Grid.Text[Grid.FocusedNode, Grid.FocusedColumn]);
actUnixTimestampColumn.Enabled := HasConnection and inDataTab and EnableTimestamp;
actUnixTimestampColumn.Checked := inDataTab and HandleUnixTimestampColumn(Grid, Grid.FocusedColumn);

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