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Don't mix up SynHighlighterSQL.TtkTokenKind enum types with System.TT…

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ansgarbecker committed Dec 15, 2019
1 parent 8eba64c commit feeb1106a783dd7c9dfbaa297efc17476cd54d5e
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@@ -6025,7 +6025,7 @@ procedure TMainForm.SynCompletionProposalExecute(Kind: SynCompletionType;
Editor := Proposal.Form.CurrentEditor;
Editor.GetHighlighterAttriAtRowColEx(Editor.PrevWordPos, Token, TokenTypeInt, Start, Attri);
CanExecute := AppSettings.ReadBool(asCompletionProposal) and
(not (TtkTokenKind(TokenTypeInt) in [tkString, tkComment]));
(not (TtkTokenKind(TokenTypeInt) in [SynHighlighterSQL.tkString, SynHighlighterSQL.tkComment]));
if not CanExecute then

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