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10 Bands - A Drake Video Game


This is an open source video game I made based on the Drake song "10 Bands." I made it as a challenge to myself to build a game within two weeks around my birthday in 2016. Recently I ported it from Android to Desktop and HTML5 compatible versions. It is built using the LibGDX video game development framework.


10 Bands is a mobile accelerometer game (like the old school wooden marble maze games) where you play as Drake and must collect enough bands to proceed to the next level. There are only four levels, "10 Bands," "50 Bands," "100 Bands" and "Fuck it Man." You must avoid sleeping men ("I ain't trippin', I'ma let 'em sleep") and cell phones ("I been in the crib with the phones off, I been at the house taking no calls"). The last level is purposely built to be impossible to beat. The amount of bands needed to win is the max value of an integer in Java (2,147,483,647) and the level has collidable traps everywhere. If you can beat 100 bands I'll consider you a winner :D

Anything Else I Need to Know?

  • LibGDX was only compatible with Android Studio 2.2 at the time I made this game. You will be able to get it to run on newer versions of Android Studio by modifying the target and compile sdk version to 22, but it might have undesired effects.

Where Can I Play It?

Where Can I Download the Android Verison?


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