LISP source code for David Cope's book "Computer Models of Musical Creativity".
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This is a modified mirror of the source code accompanying David Cope's book

The original source code can be found here:

It was originally intended to be run with Macintosh Common LISP.

I have performed some anti-bitrot maintenance and tried to make the code more compatible across platforms:

  • README files in plain .txt format.
  • Folder names have been changed to avoid the '/' and ' ' characters.

In all folders, except for sorcerer-chapter-5, I have also performed the following adjustments:

  • Line endings are LF.
  • Character encoding is UTF-8.
  • File names have been changed to add '.lisp' extension and avoid spaces.

As far as I can tell, all these changes seem to be compatible with Macintosh Common LISP. (You may have to drag the init.lisp file onto the RMCL Application instead of opening it with the "Open" menu command.)