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#!/bin/sh runghc
A CGI script that maintains session state
{-# LANGUAGE GADTs, Rank2Types #-}
module WebSessionState where
import Control.Monad
import Control.Monad.Operational
import Control.Monad.Trans hiding (lift)
import Data.Char
import Data.Maybe
-- external libraries needed
import Text.Html as H
import Network.CGI
This example shows a "magic" implementation of a web session that
looks like it needs to be executed in a running process,
while in fact it's just a CGI script.
The key part is a monad, called "Web" for lack of imagination,
which supports a single operation
ask :: String -> Web String
which sends a simple minded HTML-Form to the web user
and returns his answer.
How does this work? The trick is that all previous answers
are logged in a hidden field of the input form.
The CGI script will simply replays this log when called.
In other words, the user state is stored in the input form.
data WebI a where
Ask :: String -> WebI String
type Web a = Program WebI a
ask = singleton . Ask
-- interpreter
runWeb :: Web H.Html -> CGI CGIResult
runWeb m = do
-- fetch log
log' <- maybe [] (read . urlDecode) `liftM` getInput "log"
-- maybe append form input
f <- maybe id (\answer -> (++ [answer])) `liftM` getInput "answer"
let log = f log'
-- run Web action and output result
output . renderHtml =<< replay m log log
replay = eval . view
eval :: ProgramView WebI H.Html -> [String] -> [String] -> CGI H.Html
eval (Return html) log _ = return html
eval (Ask question :>>= k) log (l:ls) = -- replay answer from log
replay (k l) log ls
eval (Ask question :>>= k) log [] = -- present HTML page to user
return $ htmlQuestion log question
-- HTML page with a single form
htmlQuestion log question = htmlEnvelope $ p << question +++ x
x = form ! [method "post"] << (textfield "answer"
+++ submit "Next" ""
+++ hidden "log" (urlEncode $ show log))
htmlMessage s = htmlEnvelope $ p << s
htmlEnvelope html =
header << thetitle << "Web Session State demo"
+++ body << html
-- example
example :: Web H.Html
example = do
haskell <- ask "What's your favorite programming language?"
if map toLower haskell /= "haskell"
then message "Awww."
else do
ghc <- ask "What's your favorite compiler?"
web <- ask "What's your favorite monad?"
message $ "I like " ++ ghc ++ " too, but "
++ web ++ " is debatable."
message = return . htmlMessage
main = runCGI . runWeb $ example