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Site da HE:labs


Running Server

Running foreman will start the jekyll server, will compile your sass files and compile your javascripts.

$ foreman start

Push to staging

If you want to test and browse website before you push it to public, use staging.

$ rake staging

Staging version of the website is available at

Compiling SASS

When using Foreman to run the server it will also start a Guard process that will watch for changes on the files in the sass folder and compile them. No need to run compass watch or Grunt.

Using Grunt to minify the JS


To use Grunt you'll need Node.js installed. You can get Node on the website or installing via brew install node

After installing Node you'll need to install grunt-cli npm package: npm install -g grunt-cli. You can also follow along the Getting Started guide.

Then after setting things up, run: npm install on the folder of the project. This will download the grunt dependencies.


Problem with SASS+Git

The Git have a problem with SASS. So when you have a conflict in the generated file by SASS+Compass (stylesheets/style.css), please do not fix this conflict, just delete this conflicted file and generate a new. So you can run this:

$ git add stylesheets/style.css
$ git rebase --continue

Editing CSS

You can edit the SCSS files in the sass folder. In the stylesheets folder we have just the generated files by Grunt/Compass.

Adding A Project To Your Profile

  • Check if the project exists inside _posts/projects folder. If it's there jump to the last step.
  • Put a screenshot of the project with 800x465 size and .jpg extension into the images/projects/ folder.
  • Create a file with the following name format _posts/projects/
  • Fill project file with the following information:
layout: projects
category: projects
slug: project-name
name: Project Name
image: /images/projects/project-name.jpg
description: Description about the project.
  • Open your profile page file. It's inside _posts/time. Add project slug under projects property.

Import blogposts

$ rake import:blogposts

Remove unused images

$ rake prune_images

Use this carefully!!!

Creating your profile

Run rake new_profile task to generate some basic structure for the "blog post" associated with your profile.

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