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Command line interface to generate Rails apps.
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A Rails application template which was born from Startup DEV and now is used to start most projects at HE:labs.



Install PAH from rubygems with the command:

$ gem install pah

or install from source with:

$ git clone
cd ./pah
bundle install
bundle exec ./bin/pah ~/path/to/project



$ pah projectname

This will create a Rails 4.2.5 app with Ruby 2.2.3. This script creates a new git repository in the folder projectname.

:warning: PAH is not meant to be used against an existing repo.


If you're using RVM see those tips.

PAH automatically create the .ruby-version and .ruby-gemset files.


PAH follows the Semantic Versioning standard.


If you have problems, please create a Github Issue.


Please see for details.



Follow this steps to release a new version of the gem.

  1. Test if everything is running ok;
  2. Change version of the gem on VERSION constant;
  3. Add the release date on the CHANGELOG;
  4. Do a commit "Bump version x.x.x", follow the semantic version;
  5. Run $ rake release, this will send the gem to the rubygems;
  6. Check if the gem is on the rubygems and the tags are correct on the github;

Made with love by HE:labs


This gem was created and is maintained by HE:labs.

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