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procedural generation DSL embedded in Racket
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jen is a Racket package providing tools for procedural generation. While it's geared towards text, it can generate Racket values of any type.


Currently there is no stable version of this package, and thus breakage is to be expected. To install it anyway, install jen from the Racket Package Index through one of these methods:


  1. Open DrRacket.
  2. Go to File→Package Manager...→Available from Catalog.
  3. Type jen into the search.
  4. Select the package named jen.
  5. Press Install.

Command Line

Open a terminal and run the following command:

raco pkg install jen

Press a followed by enter to confirm that you wish to install all of its dependencies.


Documentation is provided in the form of Scribble documents, which will be built automatically upon successful install of the jen-doc package and can then be found from Help→Racket Documentation in DrRacket. (The jen Guide has mostly yet to be written, but the jen Reference covers jen's entire API.)


Once jen is installed, you can run the programs in the jen-samples/samples/ subdirectory of this repository. Try modifying samples/cat-sentences.rkt and adding your own phrases to it!

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