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This repository contains the code for “Artificial Immune System for Tracking and Detecting Objects in Real-Time".

Directories and Files###

  • AIS_TrackingAndDetection
  • AIS_TrackingAndDetection/html : The Doxygen output
  • AIS_TrackingAndDetection/tests : The unit tests
  • python_scripts
  • DataSets : Contains the test videos and configuration files that can be loaded by AIS_TrackingAndDetection.

How to run AIS_TrackingAndDetection

This application has been built and tested on OSX-10.9.5 other OS's may vary.

Dependencies include :

  • OpenCV 2.4,
  • GSL,
  • C++11,
  • Qt

This project was created and compiled using QtCreator. The AIS_TrackingAndDetection/ file should be edited for your operating system.

Python Scripts

The python scripts are used to run the AIS tracking on multiple threshold values, perform a comparison to the GT, and to plot graphs of the results.

To run of different NAT and ST values use :

> python

(Note : Before running the application(if you are not using OS-X) you will need to edit the “application” path within the python script. The ais_config file being used by the script may also require modifying, as this contains the path to the video.)

Dependencies include :

How to generate the Doxygen output

Use the following command to generate the Doxygen HTML :

> doxygen AIS_TrackingAndDetection/Doxygen


Helen Harman (

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