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Heleus Core

Welcome to Heleus Core. To learn more about Heleus Core, please visit out website

Cloning Heleus Core

This repository does not contain any source code. It is a meta-repository that links all our repositories and their dependencies together. For the sake of simplicity, it contains a short bash script that clones everything that you need to start using Heleus Core. To clone Heleus Core the correct way, please run the following commands:

git clone
cd HeleusCore


Heleus Core contains different repositories. We didn't put everything into one huge repository to get a better overview. Below is a list of all our repositories.


Heleus Base

This is our base library that contains all the definitions and code that is required on the server side and client side.

Heleus Node

The Heleus Core server code.

Heleus Services

This repository contains the server side implementation of our apps and services.

Heleus Push Service

Our push services handles all the push/remote notifications. It has a backend for the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS), Google Firebase and the Windows Notification Service (WNS).

Heleus Apps

App Base

The app base repository contains all the shared code for our apps. Most of the app code lives here, while the apps themself only contain the bare minimum specific code.


Manage your Heleus Core Account, more info and free download:

Heleus Status

Always up to date, more info and free download:

Heleus Message

The secure text messenger, more info and free download:

Heleus Todo

Your collaborative task manager, more info and free download:

Heleus Verfiy

Powerful data verification, more info and free download:

Heleus Note

Synchronize notes across all your devices, more info and free download:

Heleus Website contains our website


Heleus Core is open source and we accept contributions to it. And we would like to see your contributions. If you never done that before, please check out this beginners guide:

We use the Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO) for contribution with the exception to change our current open source licence to another open source licence in the future. This will probably never happen, but we want to make sure it's possible.

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