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What is HyperTerminal?

HyperTerminal is an effective software solution that allows you to control external devices or systems such as scientific serial port instruments, robots, or radio communications stations. HyperTerminal enables you to exchange data with other computers as well as network equipment, communication systems, medical and scientific lab equipment, billing systems, building maintenance systems, and industrial equipment just to name a few of its real-world applications.

Disadvantages of HyperTerminal

  • Windows Vista and Windows 7, 10 only support the private edition of HyperTerminal. Windows 7 does not even ship with HyperTerminal. The private edition is NOT FREE for commercial use.

  • Hyperterminal was very limited in it's ability to be a useful debug and test tool for capturing, controlling and debugging binary and other difficult data streams of serial communications.

Lear more about advanced HyperTerminal Alternative

Serial Port Monitor is great choice in a terminal solution application that offers more power and versatility than HyperTerminal. It is a dedicated software terminal emulator that is compatible with many Windows versions, including Windows 7 and 10. Serial Port Monitor offers complete access to serial data transmission using any of your system’s available COM ports.

When serial terminal application is used? During development and debugging of serial applications, you need quality tools that allow you to easily sniff every serial interface in your system. Serial Port Monitor by Eltima Software has been developed to provide a software interface that enables you to control and monitor any of your COM ports and all connected hardware devices. The distinctive solution offered by Serial Port Monitor is a top choice of software and hardware developers searching for an alternative to HyperTerminal for use with Windows 7, 10, Vista, and other Windows versions.

HyperTerminal Alternative

An advanced serial terminal software package, Serial Port Monitor can help you manage many challenging situations. It can assist in hardware and software testing as well as facilitating data transmission via serial connections in binary, ASCII and HEX formats.

Serial Port Monitor is extremely useful for:

  • Emulation of data transmission between all types if Windows applications and serial port devices;
  • resolving serial communication issues between COM-based devices and their control networks;
  • development and troubleshooting of serial hardware and device drivers;
  • implementation and revers-engineering of serial communication protocols, as well as many other applications.

Download Serial Port Monitor