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Serial port test software to analyze any RS232 device activity

To work effectively with serial ports, there is the need to periodically analyze and monitor the activity of serial port. There might be the need for you to view data received and sent by RS232/422/485 ports. It allows convenient and easy tracking of problems if they come up; it’s also immensely beneficial when it comes to setting up equipment.

Unfortunately, Windows OS offers no special tools when it comes to analyzing COM ports. However, there is no cause for concern, as there’s an efficient software capable of checking, analyzing and monitoring the activity of COM port.

Serial Port Monitor – Serial Port Activity Analysis Software

Serial Port Testing software refers to special software developed by Eltima Software. It allows one to monitor, display, keep logs and study the activity of RS232/422/485 COM ports. When it comes to tracking problems that may come up during an application or driver development process, optimizing and testing serial devices, etc, there’s a stress-free way to achieve this.

RS232 Testing Software

With this easy-to-use tool to analyze serial port activity, you can do the following:

  • Establish connection with a serial port that is already opened and in use by another application and begin to monitor it immediately. Our COM port testing software is capable of displaying all data sent to the COM port in real-time, so it’s easy to immediately track any issue that comes up.

  • Monitor multiple COM ports at the same time. Within just a single session it’s possible to analyze two, three or more COM port activity concurrently. The received and sent data is represented in a single log using a first-in first-out approach. That way analysis becomes easier.

  • You have the choice of viewing data in terminal, table, line or dump view mode simultaneously. Each of the view offers a different option to represent recorded data. There’s is even the option to select filters for monitoring, so you only get to view the data for the event you want.

  • Emulate data transfer to a serial device. This can be achieved by using Serial Port’s Terminal mode feature – you will be able to send data on behalf of monitored application; it supports a range of formats (hexadecimal, string, decimal, binary, mixed). Thus, you can check the reaction of the monitored serial device to certain specified commands.

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