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How to log and analyze RS232 data acquisition?

What is Data Acquisition?

Data acquisition is a process involving the monitoring and measuring of physical conditions such as sound, pressure, temperature, and electricity. Analog-to-digital converters are used to create the digital equivalent of the original analog signals. The digital representations can then be used by computers for storage, data analysis, and visual as well as aural presentations.

Serial Data acquisition

The foundation of data acquisition is built on multiple kinds of physical sensors. Electrical signals are sent from the sensors to data acquisition instruments that digitizes the signals. They are then sent to be analyzed and manipulated by a PC running specialized software tools.

You may not have noticed, but data acquisition and analysis fill crucial roles in fields as diverse as scientific research, industrial control systems, and civil engineering, to name only a few. Most public utility buildings, factories, and research centers have multiple data acquisition devices on premises. The devices monitor parameters in the background and collect data for future analysis. This analysis can point to safety improvements as well as ways to enhance your enterprise’s levels of efficiency and reliability.

Log and analyze COM port activity with Serial Data Acquisition Software

RS232 Data Logger by Eltima (aka Data Acquisition Software) is a professional software package that is an ideal tool for those working with serial port activity. This powerful system utility can log, display, and analyze the activity of all serial ports connected to your system. Tasks such as serial device application and driver development can be quickly and easily tested, debugged and optimized using this software tool.

RS232 Data Acquisition Software

This RS232 Data Acquisition utility works without the need for any additional hardware. It provides multiple features that include a flexible, user-friendly interface and data export functionality. Other functionality include a professional built-in terminal and advanced search and filtering capacity.

Full features list and step-by-step guide you will find in Serial Data Acquisition Guide - how to monitor and analyze with a dedicated RS232 data acquisition software