HelioPanel is a control panel offered to the user's of HelioHost's services powered by Symfony2.
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Please note that this is the development area for HelioPanel and usually does not resemble the most stable release. For information on installing please visit the official website mentioned above. HelioPanel is a control panel offered to the user's of HelioHost's services, which allows them to easily take full control of their website without facing any problems. The aim of HelioPanel is to resolve any common issues that user's face every day, and to make website management much easier.

Build Status


Any contributions to the project are welcome, including:

  • Code contributions
  • Requesting features
  • Reporting bugs
  • Improvement of wiki pages

Please follow our Issue fixing strategy when reporting issues.


To access HelioPanel, simply login with your existing cPanel creditentials to http://panel.helionet.org/.


The central HelioPanel installation used in 0.3BETA and above (central.heliopanel.heliohost.org) is updated with the GitHub code every day at midnight, PST. Because of this updating feature, HelioPanel is constantly automatically updated with the latest features and the latest bugs solved.

Forking Notice

Please be aware that the code inside this repository resembles the official central HelioPanel installation. In order to install HelioPanel, you will need to use the official HelioPanel project website and shouldn't download/fork the contents of the repository to install it. However, the source code is still available if you wish to contribute to HelioPanel or add one of your own features!