An interactive character builder spreadsheet for D&D 3.5, built in Excel.
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HeroForge Anew is a character builder spreadsheet for D&D 3.5. It makes the process of character generation far simpler, allowing you to create in minutes what would once have taken hours, and in hours what would once have taken days! Powerful and well designed, it can handle the majority of 3.5 content, and more content is being added. Try it, and never look back!


I know several of you have offered to help out with this. Well, I finally have something you can do. Now I've put in support for Wild Shape and animal companions, it would be really good if I could get some help with data entry, to add in the stats for more creatures. At the moment, the list of available critters to turn into is pretty limited, and there's barely anything that isn't an animal - so Masters of Many Forms are sad. Anyone up for helping out with that, drop me a message and I'll walk you through the layout and format you need.