Simple onscreen keyboard for web apps
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JS OnScreen Keyboard

What do I use this for

Web apps that need a touchscreen keyboard.

How to use this

var inputs = document.forms["demo"].getElementsByTagName("input");
var keyboardHost = document.querySelector('.keyboard-host');
var keyboard = new window.Keyboard(inputs, keyboardHost);

Check out demo.html for example.


  • Minimal dependency
  • Works outta the box with vanilla javascript, can be integrated easily to frameworks too
    • Or at least our Backbone apps
  • Has the same behavior click v.s. touch
  • Allows control over its show/hide, create/destroy
  • Allows customization
    • layout
    • style / skin
    • special keys with custom functionalities

Dev Roadmap

  • Generate Keyboard HTML & insert them to a designated element
    • Make it work w/ 3 buttons first
  • Whenever a key is clicked or touched, it would fire an event that keyboard handles
  • Converge all events to a single handler
  • Keyboard can keep track of which element it should update
  • When there is an element the keyboard's focusing on, pressing keys inserts value to it
  • Value inserting works just like actual keyboard, takes caret place and selection into consideration
  • Destroy function to unbind and destroy html
  • Layouts are defined by config json file and can be swapped
  • Keys may insert a different character than its label
  • Common functionality keys
    • backspace
    • tab
  • A system to easily attach new func keys
    • 'func' property in layout files used to differentiate b/c keys
    • public function to attach functions to run for keys w/ diff func
    • Keys can have same func but different additional info too, and handlers have access to that
  • Bug: When input's content is longer than input box's width, it should move the cursor to show the caret

    • Easy way to do this is via setting focusedEl.scrollLeft to a high number. This would however always jump to the end of input no matter where the caret's at.
    • To make this intelligent we need some method of calculating caret's pixel location?
  • Generated keys have a structure that allows easy style changing via CSS

  • Platform testing

  • Click, Touch, Chrome's touch simulation, and FastClick.js driven touch event should all behave the same
  • Getters to make many type checkings easier?
    • setLayout
    • focusedEl?
    • keyboardEl?
  • Support more browsers than just Chrome