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Set of libraries developed for Open Frameworks by Helios Interactive Technologies, Inc. Originally created for projects, we now abstracted them to be more flexible.


  • /content/ is all legacy code for working with certain content types, mostly still exists for backwards compatibility for legacy projects

  • /ofxAlphaStack/ is used to calculate transparency on nested of combined objects, similar to Flash Movie Clips.

  • /interactive/ contains a wide array of classes including :

    DragScroller - make elastic scrolling functionality

    ofxMatrixTransformObject - an object with a screen position, scale, rotation

    ofxMatrixTransformImage - a versatile image with ofxAlphaStackItem + ofxMatrixTransformObject

    ofxImageButton - an easy to setup button with hit states

    VideoPlayer - using threads to scrub frames during seeking for performance

  • /mediaBanks/

    SoundBank - load and play from a predetermined group of sounds

    VideoBank - load, play, and draw a predetermined group of videos

  • /gesture/ - a few utilities and UI classes for implemented gesture cursors + interactions

  • /pages/ - simple framework for linear experience that mirror webpage like flows

  • /multitouch/ - utilities for developing multitouch gesture content

  • /utils/ - general utilities for open Frameworks

  • /text/ - collection of classes for Text and Font Rendering in OF. Currently implementing ofxFontStash

  • /threaded_utils/ - collection of utilities for loading / exporting files via a thread.

  • /ofxSync/ downloads content from a given set of URLs to a local directory. See for more info.

  • /ofxAtomicLog/thread safe logger developer as a part of ofxSync

  • /loading/ legacy code for managing data being loaded over ofLoadUrlAsync()