.NET solution for converting PowerPoint documents to PDF
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Windows C# .NET solution for converting PowerPoint documents to PDF using LibreOffice.


Before you can use pptconv.exe, you need to have LibreOffice installed. If you install it in your Program Files, no further configuration is required.

If you install it somewhere other than Program Files, you can define the PPTCONV_LIBREOFFICE_PATH environment variable to point to where you installed LibreOffice.


To convert slideshows slide1.pptx, slide2.pptx, slide3.pptx, and so on:

pptconv.exe slide1.pptx slide2.pptx slide3.pptx ...

Absolute and relative paths are acceptable. Inputs are converted one at a time and output will be placed in your current working directory.

API Usage

Most classes are self-documented. The main Converter class is named LibreOfficeConverter. Two main APIs are Queue and Flush.

Queue Adds files to be converted in the background converter thread, and Flush waits (blocks the calling thread) for the pending files to be converted.

LibreOfficeConverter propagates two events: ConversionSucceed and ConversionFailed with a path to the input file.

Additionally you can use LibreOfficeProcess class to use the core converter in your own custom queuing system.

Building From Source

Open up pptconv/pptconv.sln and do a Clean/Rebuild. Additionally you may use Test Explorer to run all unit tests. Resulting assembly would be libpptconv.dll.