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As of September 2018 there is not yet integration between Clubhouse and GitLab.

I wanted to control the status of stories (and more) through commits, so I wrote this piece of software which is essentially a bridge between GitLab webhooks and Clubhouse REST APIs

What works

You reference stories using the tag [chX] where X is the story identifier (a number)

If you reference a story in the description of a merge request, the following things will happen:

  • Open merge requests with the WIP status --> In Progress
  • Open merge request --> Review
  • Merged merge request --> To be deployed

Running the program

lein uberjar

it will create a JAR file in target/tanuki-lodge.jar.

Create a configuration file in EDN named config.edn, such as:

 :server-port "1234"
 :merge-request-open-wip "In progress"
 :merge-request-open "Review"
 :merge-request-merged "To be Deployed"}

where the last few options are the names of the state in which you want to move the stories referenced in

  • merge-request-open-wip: Open and Work In Progress Merge request
  • merge-request-open: Open merge request
  • merge-request-merged: Merged merge request

Then simply execute the jar file passing the path of the config.edn file you just created as first command-line argument.

java -jar /path/to/tanuki-lodge.jar /path/to/config.edn

At startup, the configuration file will be printed to stdout so you can make sure it was loaded correctly.