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Helix3 Health Data Project

Today the healthcare systems of the world are deployed as a fragmented and silo’d, unconnected collection of data bases. We believe this centralized “walled garden” of an architecture is creating single points of failure, duplicate records & information mis-matches. This methodology has lead to overwhelming cyber attacks, wasted spending and inefficiencies that drive up the cost of healthcare & put peoples data at risk. We believe the whole system needs a fundamental change!

Helix3 is a platform that offers a secure way for the healthcare industry to drive patient value, encourage healthy behavior and gain deep insights across a global decentralized health ecosystem.

The platform is designed to be patient-centric. Each healthcare consumer creates a digital twin that will become their personalized health identity. This enables users to store, manage & exchange their health data in a secure & meaningful way. Because data can be generated from multiple sources, Helix3 is building a robust integration framework to sync up user profiles with personalized health records, genome data and fitness/health related information. This allows for seamless interoperability with various EMR systems & IoT devices. .

Additional apps on top of the platform give users a way to gain meaningful insight into all the valuable data securely contained in the users control.

Other participants on the platform, such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists and health insurers can interact with patents to create a dynamic ecosystem & marketplace. Essentially a single pane of glass view into relevant patent information.

We believe Helix3 will drive a fundamental change to empower the patient to take control of their health through meaningful data. At the same time, providers & insurers will be able to streamline their process to generate a more efficient, transparent and personalized value driven healthcare system for the future. We have come up with a reward system that helps encourage healthy behavior through challenges that are sponsored by your doctor, health insurer and others on the platform.

All of us hold a complex and unique biological database. Collecting that data and extrapolating meaningful insight will pave the way for advanced precision medicine and usher in a world of personalized healthcare.

The Helix platform will bring fundamental changes to the healthcare industry. We are convinced that in under a decade, billions of people will manage all of their health data (records, images, DNA etc.) with a personalized Helix 'digital twin'. This will serve as their unique interface, providing access to healthcare products and services.