A series of camera and audio reactive installations for a fashion brand.
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A series of camera and audio reactive installations for a fashion brand.


Built using openFrameworks 0.84 on OSX 10.10. Slitscan uses a Blackmagic Ultra Studio Mini Recorder to capture video but will fall back to using ofVideoGrabber if no device is present. Slitscan also uses ofxRemoteUI as a remote GUI and can be launched with various arguments (see Settings & Control below). The same app is configurable to run in different modes including Slitscan, Camo Slitscan and Audio Reactive.

Local Dev


  • Download openframeworks 0.84 and extract it
  • cd into apps and clone this repo git clone git@github.com:HellicarAndLewis/MicroMacro.git
  • cd into the repo root cd MicroMacro and clone additional addon dependencies using the script provided . ./cloneaddons.sh


Install Blackmagic Desktop Video 10.3.7 (see below) and restart. After installation, go to System Preferences, click "Black Magic Design" and make sure "Use 1080p not 1080PsF" is checked (this option is only available when the capture card is plugged in). If you don't check this option, nothing will work.

Then go to the support page and download the DeckLink 10.1.4 SDK. After unzipping the SDK open the app Mac/Samples/bin/CapturePreview and select the video format of your device and hit "Start". If you have the right mode selected you should see the video streaming.

Settings & Control

Use the ofxRemoteUI OSX client to change app modes and settings locally for a single app. Compile your own from the ofxRemoteUI repo or use the precompiled version in this repo's release section.

Drop a video into data named "test.mp4" to use a video for local testing. Connect a blackmgic recorder to use blackmagic. Or do neither to use an inbuilt webcam (device ID 0).

Video is captured at 1280x720 unless specified in app arguments (-capture1080=true). The micro.command startup script uses this flag for the Micro app mode which captures video at 1080p.