An VJ Application for the Nokia World 2010 event
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Nokia World 2010

An VJ Application by Hellicar&Lewis for the Nokia World 2010 event.

Compatible with of_preRelease_v0061_osxSL_FAT

Thanks to the whole OpenFrameworks community.

Based on earlier work by Hellicar&Lewis, Zach Lieberman and Shawn Bonkowski for the Diesel:U:Music show in London, 2009.


ofxBox2D by Todd Vanderlin

ofxNoise by Rui Madeira

 a simple noise addon for OpenFrameworks.
 this is a simple port of Karsten Schmidt's Noise classes for java.
 you can find the original classes here:
 it is released under the LGPL license which is the one used in the original code.
 if you have any questions about this port please contact me: ruibmx at gmail dot com
 if you have any questions about the original noise classes please contact the original author
 as i honestly have no clue on what is going on in here...

ofxControlPanel by Theo Watson

AppSettings by Todd Vanderlin

MacGlutFix by Zach Lieberman