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White Heat

An installation by Hellicar&Lewis.

Compatible with of_preRelease_v0061_osxSL_FAT

Thanks to the whole OpenFrameworks community.

Requires a B&W Point Grey Camera (or compatible via dc1394)

Inspired by Delicate Boundaries by Chris Sugrue:


ofxVideoGrabber by Pierre Proske

Advanced video grabber for openFrameworks supporting multiple plug-in camera SDK's and a customisable GUI. The default SDK is one based on Libdc1394 and supports cameras using the IIDC/DCAM specifications. Libdc1394 SDK based on original code by Andreas Müller. GUI code based on code by Theo Watson and the openFrameworks community.

ofxFFT by Kyle McDonald

AppSettings by Todd Vanderlin

Boids port by Jeff Crouse
ported from Dan Shiffman’s Nature of Code site
based on work by Craig Reynolds

CvWarpIntoMe example by Chris Sugrue

ofxFBOTexture originally by Zach Gage:

Rendermanager by Theo Watson:

With contributions by Memo Atken and the rest of the OpenFrameworks community.
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