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Eaterative Development


This repository is for my personal website. It is served on Github and is dressed up with the Jekyll theme Feeling Responsive

The origin of the name Eaterative Development combines the two goals of improving my baking as well as coding. The two are similar in that when I bake, I always revisit good recipes and make small variations in an attempt to improve it. Similarly, iterative development in software plans how to break down a project into small features, implements, tests, and evaluates before deploying.

I love baking and have always wanted to chronicle my fun in some way besides flooding the Facebook newsfeed of my friends and family. I've decided to take it to oven -source technology. Sure, taking photos might increase the build time of my baking, but I don't think I'll roux it. I'll just have to rise to the extra challenge.
(I saved you from one more pun. I was thinking about calling this blog eaterative develoafment. hah.)

I have big plans for features and I'm so happy that you're here reading this to keep me accountable to finish the following tasks:


  • Figure out how to make code highlighting less green
  • Bake-sale tool
  • Create fun, secret pages (maybe with some dancing; jitter bug anyone?)
  • Connect related recipes by tag and version
  • Create a terminal visual that shows the "eat" (git theme lol) log history of recipe development
  • Only inherits if it has the same tags as its parents
  • 1.0's can't point back to 1.0's
  • Cost per serving
  • Comments = commits = commints: make some kind of word cloud from comments?
  • Have some kind of poll/tinder-interface assigning taste/ease/cuil-ness value to each recipe and perhaps connect tags and ratings in some D3 visual
  • Try more gluten-free or vegan desserts
  • Integrate IBM's Chef Watson
  • Add holiday themes!
  • lol add fake advertisements


  • Carrot cake
  • Red velvet cake
  • Egg Tart
  • Chocolate Cake


Just a fun baking blog







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