A feature packed and fully commented Super Mario engine for GameMaker: Studio.
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Hello Mario Engine

The Hello Mario Engine is an open source Mario engine for GameMaker: Studio that is feature packed, and designed to be easy to expand upon with user friendliness as a priority. The engine is fully documented with thousands of code comments, and includes tons of different powerups, over a hundred different enemies, and much, much more!

The engine is open source, and is licensed under the New BSD License. This license gives you permission to make whatever you want with my engine, with no restrictions whatsoever. It also requires that you give credit for use of my engine. Please give credit to Hello Fangaming for use of the Hello Mario Engine. Thank you.

Before importing the Hello Mario Engine, make sure that your copy of GameMaker: Studio has been updated to at least version 1.4. Otherwise, things will not work properly. Do not report any errors you get from using older versions unless they also occur after you update. This engine is not tested on mobile platforms. If you are using the free version of GameMaker: Studio, make sure you upgrade it to the Standard version before importing.

Find out more about this engine's features on its official website, hosted on GitHub!