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Bulletin board from Animal Crossing API for Node projects.
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License: MIT


Sends a random message from the Animal Crossing: Wild World video game on Nintend DS created by Katsuya Eguchi and published in 2005.

The quotes come from three types of board message:

  • "Message of the Week"
  • "Poetry"
  • "Talking to Myself"


You have to add this module to your npm modules folder.

$ npm install ac-keijiban


Importing the module

// Require with a language (format xx)
const acKeijiban = require('ac-keijiban')('en');
// Require with a language (format xx-YY) sets 'en'(format xx)
const acKeijiban = require('ac-keijiban')('en-US')
// Require without an argument sets 'en'
const acKeijiban = require('ac-keijiban')();

Displaying a random "Message of the Week"

console.log('*Message of the Week*');

Displaying a random "Poetry"


Displaying a random "Talking to Myself"

console.log('-Talking to Myself-');


For the moment, the only language avaible is English. The French messages are being collected directly from Animal Crossing: Wild World on Nintendo DS.

Obviously, you are free to participate to the translation in French or in any other language.

Avaible languages


  • "Message of the Week": 85 (complete)
  • "Poetry": 2 (complete)
  • "Talking to Myself": 74 (complete)


  • "Message de la semaine": 18
  • "Poème": 0
  • "Réflexions": 13


Thanks to:


  • My source code is published under MIT License.
  • All the quotes from Animal Crossing: Wild World is the property of Nintendo.
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