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This tutorial shows you:

  • How C# Scripts called from EA VB Scripts are working
  • How to develop your own C# scripts
  • The knowledge to use other languages like Java, VB, F#, C++

This tutorial assumes you are using Visual Studio 2017. You may use other IDEs. For Java see Java.


See Installation

Quick start

  • Unzip EaScripts.zip to your Script folder (eg. c:\<myProductive>\<MyEaScriptFolder>)
  • Set User Environment Variable
    • EA_SCRIPT_HOME=c:\<myProductive>\<MyEaScriptFolder>\
  • Start EA Repository: ScriptDotNet.eap
  • Launch Script


The repository we work with:

  • ScriptDotNet.eap


You can debug your code with VS / your IDE. You have to:

  • Build in DEBUG mode
  • Launch a Script, see Launch
  • After the Script reaches the Debug Dialog Box
    • Attach VS to ScriptDotNet.eap
    • Debug


  • Ensure Project Debug Properties:
    • Start external program
      • C:\Program Files (x86)\Sparx Systems\EA\EA.exe
  • Environment Variable 'EA_SCRIPT_HOME' set to the debug\bin folder
    • SETX EA_SCRIPT_HOME c:\MyVsSolutionPath\ScriptCSharp\bin\Debug\
    • Adapt and run ScriptCSharp\Scripts\SetEnvDebug.bat
    • Restart Visual Studio
  • EA: Script Windows
    • Specialize, Scripting
  • EA: Output Windows
    • Portals, Windows, System Output or
    • Find Command 'Output'

EA Debug settings

Debug Settings

EA Script Windows

VB Scripts

DEBUG Session

  • You: Build solution in DEBUG mode
  • You: Restart Visual Studio
  • You: Set breakpoints
  • You: Run Debug mode
  • VS: Opens EA
  • You: Open EA Repository 'ScriptDotNet.eap'
  • You: EA: Browser, Specialize, Traverse Package
  • EA: Follow instruction
    • VS Attach to Process 'ScriptCSharp.exe'

Attach VS 2017 to ScriptCSharp.exe

Attach to Process


This description uses the delivered ScriptDotNet.eap Repository.

VB Script
  • Include ScriptCSharp
    • !INC ScriptDotNet.RunCommandVb ' to include ScriptCSharp
  • Call CSharp
    • runCommand "%EA_SCRIPT_HOME%ScriptCSharp.exe", "ListDiagramElements", currentDiagram.DiagramGUID ' Call
    • runCommand "%EA_SCRIPT_HOME%ScriptCSharp.exe", "TraversePackage", thePackage.PackageGUID ' Call
    • runCommand "%EA_SCRIPT_HOME%ScriptCSharp.exe", "ModelSearch" ' Call, everything is done in C#, contect item contains the row in ModelSearch
Launch from Project Browser

Run Script TraversePackage from Browser Results Script

Launch from Diagram



  • VS Visual Studio 2017


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